Et digt/ A poem: The crispness of an Autumn morning.


Jeg sad helt uforstyrret (af tanker, bekymringer etc.) en tirsdagsmorgen, da et digt kom (og ja, det kom på engelsk🙂 ). Det fik mig til at tænke på hvor megen magi, der findes. Magi, som kan nå os, når bare vi slipper alle vores planer, al vores kontrol. (Det er ikke det samme som at lade stå til, selvfølgelig).

I sat undistrubed (by thoughts, worries etc.) one Tuesday morning, when a poem came to me (in English). It made me think of how much magic really exists. Magic, that can reach us when we let go of all our plans, all our control.

The crispness of an Autumn morning,
awakens and refreshes the soul,
the leaves, turning
from green to bright yellow to fiery red,
The soft morning light
stretching across the meadows;
life’s twinkling in the air.

PS: Jeg arbejder stadig bag kulisserne, og da jeg også skal til Danmark (bl.a på retreat på et slot og kloster i slutningen af denne uge) bliver dette ugens eneste indlæg.🙂 God uge! / PS: I’m still working behind the scenes and since I’m going to Denmark this week (for example to go on a retreat at a castle/convent) this is this week’s only post. Have a good week!


Lidt arbejde bag kulisserne. / Some work behind the scenes.


Image from

Denne uge kommer til at stå på lidt arbejde bag om kulisserne her på bloggen, samtidigt med at jeg jo er startet på en Mindfulness Master Coach uddannelse (yea!!), så derfor er der ikke de tre sædvanlige indlæg denne uge. Dog tænkte jeg at nævne at der ligger flere godheder i arkivet. Til eksempel, har jeg skrevet et indlæg om hvad man kan gøre når tankemylderet bliver for meget.
Hav en god uge!

This week will include some work behind the scenes here on the blog, as well as getting organized and into a routine on the Mindfulness Master Coach education that I started on Thursday. So, this is why this week won’t bring the usual three posts.
BUT – I thought I’d mention that there are lots of goodies in the archive. For example, I wrote a post last year on what to do when you’re too much in your head.
Have a great week!

Liljevalchs Vårsalong 2017 (an art exhibition).


Sent in my application today.🙂

I dag har jeg indsendt mit bidrag til Liljevalchs Vårsalong 2017 – og er SÅ spændt på om jeg kommer med! (Får besked sidst i oktober – om man er antaget). Egentligt, er det ikke vigtig om jeg kommer med eller ej – for jeg har virkelig nydt at skabe de malerier, som er mit bidrag. Det er processen der har betydet noget.
Når det er sagt, så har jeg stadig en drøm om at få lov at invitere veninder på champagne, en tur på kunstudstilling (hvor mine malerier er med) og en tur rundt i smukke Stockholm. Om det bliver 2017 – det får tiden vise.🙂

Today I finalized my contribution and application to Liljevalchs Vårsalong 2017 (a yearly art exhibition for amateur as well as professional artists of all kinds) – and I’m SO excited to see if I get to go! (Participants are informed in late October). Really, it’s not so important whether I participate or not – because I’ve really enjoyed creating the paintings which are my contribution. It’s the process that has meant something.
Having said that, I still harbor a dream of getting to invite my friends over for champagne, taking them on  trip to the art show (of which my paintings are a part) and a tour of beautiful Stockholm. Whether that will be 2017 – remains to be seen.🙂


Painting no. 1: Aurora Borealis


Painting no. 2: Universe.

The Essential Interviews: international success coach, mindfulness expert and entrepreneur, Liselotte Ellegaard.


Liselotte Ellegaard, international success coach and mindfulness expert.

Last fall I started a series of interviews, called The Essential Interviews
So, I thought I’d continue it this year. (Last year I interviewed Sandra Hjort, blogger and DIY-queen as well as Rania Rönntoft, photographer. )

But this year I had the idea (an idea that led to unexpected outcomes, but more on that later on) of interviewing Liselotte Ellegaard, mindfulness coach and entrepreneur.

The first time I met her, was before embarking on a three month program in the US Virgin Islands with HöjskolenDK, where she was one of the instructors (in a personal development-themed course). And when I met her I instantly felt a connection; she’s one of these people who gives off a bright light, makes you feel welcome, at home and at ease. So – without further ado, I give the word to Liselotte.

Please share your thoughts on the meaning of creativity and of the meaning of art (i.e. what is creativity/art to you?).

The meaning of creativity and art is very dear to me. Actually, my whole business is based on the power of creativity and art.
To me, creativity is about dropping your head for a moment.
In the western culture we cultivate a very logical and intellectual approach to life which is of course important too, but when this is the only way of living it feels like life itself is dried out.

So in my business I help women to go from burn-out and bored in their job to brilliance in business.
When someone is stressed out or feel burn-out in her job there has been an misuse of brain- and intellectual powers.
And it means that you can’t relax, enjoy the moment, feel love, find what your purpose is because you have lost the connection to your own feelings and senses.

There is a deep longing for women to be able to use their creativity in their work lives. And that is very different from woman to woman what that is.For some creativity is finding a new solution for an IT problem in a big corporation, to others it is painting and to others again it is all about dancing or doing fun marketing.
Scientific research proves that creative thinking is one of the most important parameters for happiness in work life, no matter what kind of job or career you have.
So… how can you become more creative in your work life?  is a question you need to ask yourself if you feel a lack of joy, energy and happiness.

How do you express your creativity?  
I express my creativity through different wheels.
I have decided some years ago that I wanted to become financially free in a freedom based business where I could use my creative skills as I want to.
In my business, creativity means to write and create beautiful posts on social media platforms, with a meaningful message that fits my brand and what I want to teach and coach people on.My creativity is also about designing the work life you love to wake up to every morning.
In my free time I paint and sing. I have now started to see an opportunity to use my music and painting in my business. I have written a song and created a melody.
When I’m ready I can use it as an underlying inspiration in one of my videos or audios.

Do you have any thoughts on being a woman and a creative being/artist?
There is something deeply feminine in creativity. You let go of the brain and follow your heart and intuition. This shift gives the woman a balance in her life, especially if she has been taught to always be nice, cute, sweet, polite or intellectual.
It seems like there is a major shift going on in the world in general towards a more feminine awakening in the human being.
This is happening both in the woman and in the man. You can see that in new businesses that are more aligned to social projects, empathy, oneness and consciousness. In the old paradigm it was more ego, over-doing, competition, money and power over others.
With this shift we are now able to create financial freedom from a heart based way of working and creating.

There is something in the creativity that also connect us to a higher realm which is why I believe it is so important that we express ourselves and our creativity as if this is actually a bridge between heart and head…heaven and earth…intuition and intellect…I truly believe this and have seen many examples of that in my business. When you use your creative skills you become happier.

What has been the most challenging experience in regards to finding or expressing your creativity and how did you get through it?
To create a work life that truly fits me has been the biggest challenge in my life. Because I have had so many creative ways of expressing myself like acting, dancing, painting, writing and singing and yet I didn’t want a career only in doing one of the things.
It has been very painful for me to find my place in the world, because the freedom and the art made me happy in my heart, but I did not only want to make a living from that.
There was something more. And it was a crisis that made me finally realize what I was meant to do.
When I was 18 years old I had a horrible job. I had this inner voice constantly telling me that I would never be happy with my work life because this is all there is.
So I tried to fit in and to become something better. I worked as an accountant assistant in the corporate world but I was sooooo bored in that job and it was so not me.

Actually the fit was so bad that I was even criticized for the way I put stamps on envelopes. One day when I couldn’t take it anymore I went to the boss and said:
“If I stay here one more day I will fade away like that wilted plant over there”.
Finally, that very day, I quit!!

After that I started to work in a kindergarten, and I loved the kids. But something was stirred in me – it was something way bigger that I wanted to do.
I just didn’t know what it was yet.
So it took a crisis to wake me up!

On a sunny day in 1994 I was walking down the street with my friend, going to buy groceries, when suddenly I felt disoriented. My thoughts were racing and I was totally out of the present moment.
My breathing got out of rhythm and I felt dizzy and anxious.
Suddenly I had to drop down to the grass below.
All I could hear was my friend saying something like “Breathe all the way down to your belly!”.
At that moment it felt like a meaningless advice. But she was right.
When I became mindfully aware of my breathing, I suddenly became relaxed, present and everything was calm for a moment.

No fear. No stress. No problems.

The freedom only lasted for a moment and my anxiety came right back.
I panicked all the way home and decided from that state of mind to unplug myself from the world. For 3 months I was at home. I didn’t have any education or a job and I was miserable.

During this time I thought, I was going to either die or go mad. I had no idea what was going on with me.
Spontaneously, I started to meditate and to challenge myself in new ways.
Two things I would never do before and actually I didn’t know that what I was doing was called mindfulness training and self coaching. I found out later in my psychology study.

Step by step, I forced myself to face my fears and anxieties.
Out of the chaos a new desire and vision was born.
I desired to travel. Not only that, I desired a freedom based work life with lots of time to travel and do what I want whenever I want. Do you think that people judged me for that attitude? Oh, yes. But I also judged myself, and that was the only thing that held me back. I longed for a meaningful, healthy and purposeful career where I could do transformational work. No matter what.
These desires made me decide to specialize on mindfulness coaching in my educational psychologist study and in my work as a mindfulness instructor, coach, and psychotherapist.
I knew I was going to be an entrepreneur and not have an ordinary day job, so I needed to educate myself in the field that would be of value when I was going to be a self employed.

My visions gradually grew bigger and bigger. The time came when I wanted to build a national and international business around my expertise.
Who would have known that? I surprised myself even.
This international call was a seed that I had nursed for so many years that it was now ready to sprout and bloom.
I just didn’t know how to make a living from it and earn money as a business woman.
I started to build my business and did it alone for a period. I thought that a website was what I needed and that I should describe my products there. If I had known how little that website meant for my business compared to what I got from it and how much wasted time I spent on building and changing it, I wouldn’t have!
I did hit 10 k twice. And that was it.
Finally, I realized my income was never going to be consistent with the belief system I had and with my lack of implementing structures in my business.
I was so tired of playing the heroine who can handle everything alone. Not only that, I was beating myself up for not being able to do the whole business thing alone.
I had to change that, if I was going to become financially free and follow my calling.
This acknowledgement made me decide to get a business coach.
But even at this point I was so fearful that I was convinced that the business coaches and marketers I was listening to were frauds.
I also had a belief around money that you can’t learn how to grow rich. So when the marketers talked about learning it, I felt like a teenager who doesn’t believe in Santa Clause anymore.

One day after an intense visualization on attracting the right support, I got an email.
It was from one of the few marketers I trusted.
In this newsletter, I was presented to my mentor, who apparently was someone that combined lifestyle, travelling and coaching in a big way.
I clicked the link and listened.
I cried tears of recognition.
Finally, I found the answer. I found out that I wanted to make a bigger difference than what I would be able to do through acting or painting or being an author who often is more isolated.

I love to write and at the same time I also feel a desire to be connected to many people and be in the room with them to share my direct teachings. Heart to heart.

I have now created a 1 year education for entrepreneurs who love to facilitate personal development and become financially free doing so.

I have had to learn to speak to people before writing a book.

I have had this deep longing to get my book out and it seems like life wants me to be visible and to speak. I’m still writing and have 4 books waiting for me on my pc.
All the books  make much more sense now because I now know the target market I’m writing to.

What are you most grateful for?
I’m very grateful for my work life which is driven by passion and my core values. One of my most important core values is freedom. And now that I have gained this freedom inside out I can also travel the world with my business which is something I have felt called to do. I’m very grateful that now I can teach others to do the same.

If you could have a conversation with any being, dead or alive, with whom or what would it be and what would you discuss?
I’d love to talk to Barbara Marx Hubbard who is alive. I want to thank her for having found these two words:
Vocational arousal.
Vocational arousal means to have a burning desire to work with what you feel called to do. And it also means “joining genius”.  This is me in a nut shell.

Do you have anyone who are an inspiration to you? Please share.
Yes, Gina Devee inspires me because she has this fierceness around her. She is doing what she feels called to do “no matter what”. I love that she takes a stand for womens freedom.

And what is your next project? (If you don’t mind sharing…)
It is to make an international version of my mindfulness master coach entrepreneur program.

I want to add, that only you can fulfill your very special vocation so be very mindful not to take other people’s doubtful questions on you.  Follow what feels right in your work life.

Thank you , Liselotte, for this very inspiring interview! I saw myself in many of your words – and following up on “ending up at unexpected places”,, I’ve decided to join Liselottes Mindfulness Master Coach Entrepreneur Program. I start on Thursday!! Yea!!!

If you’d like to know more about Liselotte and her offerings, there are a couple of links below you can explore:

En baby-fri eftermiddag. / A Baby-Free Afternoon.


Baby-Arthur blev afhentet af sin farmor tidligere i dag og i tomrummet efter ham, var der plads til… alt og ingenting. At lægge sig på sengen og læse i magasiner, mens man (jeg) drak en kop kaffe. At brainstorme ideer til efterårets blog-indhold, sende en enkelt email afsted og researche lidt til et kommende projekt.
Et lille åndehul, simpelthen.❤

Baby Arthur was picked up by his grandma earlier today, leaving in his wake space for… everything and nothing.
To lie down on the bed with a stack of magazines, while drinking a cup of coffee.
To brainstorm ideas for coming blog-content, send an email and research for an up-coming project.
Simply, a little breathing space.❤



15 Ting At Lave På Et Krydstogtskib. / 15 Things To Do On A Cruiseship.


Photo from Couldn’t find one of a cruise ship.;)

Yea! Fredag (i morgen) er det afgang til København, hvor vi skal spise ude med venner, bo på lækkert hotel indtil lørdag hvor vi – sammen med mine forældre – flyver til Den Evige Stad. Der har vi også en overnatning (uh – glæder mig SÅ meget til morgenmadsbuffeterne!), inden vi søndag gå ombord på Jewel of The Seas og tager på tur i middelhavet i en uge. Og her er en lille liste over ting jeg gerne vil gøre:

Yea! Friday (tomorrow) we’re off to Copenhagen, where we’re going out to dinner with friends, staying at a fancy hotel till Saturday where we – along with my parents – are flying to Rome. In The Eternal City we have another stay (I am SOOOO looking forward to the hotel breakfasts!) before we board Jewel Of The Seas on Sunday for a full week of Mediterranean cruising! So I’ve made a little list of things I’d like to try/do:

* Købe en souvenir snowglobe(s) til min begyndende samling fra steder vi har været som familie. / Buy a souvenir snowglobe (or multiple) for my growing collection – from places we’ve been as a family.

* Få en pedicure sammen med min mor./ Have a pedicure together with my mom.

* Tage en yoga lektion (gerne flere) evt. også tai-chi. / Take a yoga session (or multiple) – maybe try out tai-chi.

* besøge the Solarium, et pool område kun for voksne. (Så da må Arthur være ved mormor eller morfar.)🙂 / Visist the Solarium, a pool area for adults only. (So Arthur has a couple of hours with his grandparents).

* tage et kig i biblioteket. / Take a look in the library.

* sidde ude under stjernerne på dækket, fotografere, skrive et digt eller hvad der nu lige falder mig ind. / Sit underneath the stars on deck, photograph, write a poem or whatever comes to me.

* Spille mini-golf. / Play mini-golf.

* Flette fingre med Ninos ved the pool-side movie screen. / Cuddle up with Ninos at the pool-side movie screen.

* Drikke virgin mojito’s i flæng sammen med min mor. / Drink a bunch of virgin mojitos with my mom.

* Gå på opdagelse på skibet sammen med Ninos og Arthur. / Take a discovery tour of the ship with Ninos and Arthur.

* Se solen stå op (fra vores kahyts balkon.) / Watch the sun get up (from the balcony of our cabin).

* Se solen gå ned. / Watch the sun go down.

* Tage masser af gode billeder. / Take loads of good pictures.

* Læse i min nye hjemklikkede digtsamling af Jack Gilbert. / Read in my recently purchased poetry collection by Jack Gilbert.

* Være taknemmelig for hvert øjeblik❤️ / Be grateful for every second.

Og dette var så det sidste blog-indlæg i et stykke tid. På gensyn i september! PS: der er altid arkivet at surfe rundt i om man har lyst til at læse lidt /
And this was the last post for a while. See you again in September! PS: there’s always the archive to surf around in if you’d like to read more.

Ønsker. / Wishes.


Moon In the Lake.

At sende ønsker ud i universet, er som at sende flaskeposter afsted på et uendeligt stort hav. Alt man kan gøre er at sende beskeden afsted og hver dag holde øje med om der er kommet et svar. For der kommer svar. Altid. Man skal bare holde øjnene åbne, observere, forsøge at have det sjovt og leve sit liv.

To send out a wish into the universe is like sending a message in a bottle out into the open sea. All one can do is to send the message and keep an eye out for an answer. Because there’s always an answer. You just have to keep your eyes open, observe, have fun and enjoy your life.

Da jeg var lille, og skulle skrive ønskeseddel til fødselsdage og jul, bad min mor mig altid om mindst 20 ønsker. Ind imellem havde jeg nogle ønsker, som jeg følte var “for store”, men når jeg tøvede, sagde min mor altid: “Man har altid lov at ønske sig.”❤
Dermed sagt, at “størrelsen” (og tidspunktet) er irrelevant. Det er tanken, ønsket, der tæller. En tanke er en tanke.

When I was a little girl and had to write my wishlist for birthdays and Christmases, my mom always asked me for at least 20 wishes. Once in a while I had some wishes which I felt were “too big” to put on the list, but whenever I hesitated, my mom always said: “There are no limits to what you can wish for.”
It’s not the “size” (or the time, for that matter) that matters. It’s the thought, the wish, that counts.

Så i fredags sad jeg og samlede en lille ønskeliste med gaver til mig selv. Ikke fordi jeg ikke kan leve uden, ikke fordi det er nødvendigt…. men simpelthen fordi det er noget jeg ønsker mig.

So last Friday I sat down and made a little wishlist. And it’s not like I can’t live without these things or that I really need them… but nonetheless, they are my wishes.❤


  1. Jurlique citrus håndcreme – jeg anvender normalt ikke megen håndcreme, men er begyndt at arbejde lidt med ler og kan mærke hvor tørre mine hænder bliver. Så dette er en gammel favorit (og dufter så godt at jeg faktisk har lyst til at spise den). / I normally don’t use a lot of hand creme, but having begun working a little with clay I can feel how dry my hands become. So this is an old favourite (which actually smells so good that you DO want to eat it. )🙂
  2. En variant (ikke nødvendigvis denne) af Øjet, der for mig er en påmindelse om at vende opmærksomheden indad og se. / A variant of this necklace – the Eye, which to me is a reminder to turn my attention inwardly and SEE.
  3. Jeg mangler en efterårs/vinterjakke og stødte på denne variant der er fra Edith og Ella, som er en kandidat. / I am in the need of a new Autumn/Winter jacket and this year I think I’d like a short version. I came across this one from Edith&Ella which is a contender.
  4. Årh men denne her… det er Charlotte Olympias “Take Me Away” box clutch og er et par år gammel. Fra 2014. Men jeg er stadig lige forelsket. Når jeg finder den, så køber jeg den.🙂 /Oh, but this one… this is Charlotte Olympia’s “Take Me Away” box bag, which is a couple of years old. From 2014 I think. But I’m still in love with it. When I finally find it, I will buy it.🙂
  5. No Lipstick Lipstick fra Perricone MD – bare fordi jeg gerne vil have lidt læbestift på ind imellem og denne er en rigtig god farve, synes jeg. / No Lipstick Lipstick from Perricone MD – just because I’d like to wear lipstick once in a while and I really like this color.

(Dette er, forresten, ikke et sponsoreret indlæg. /This is not a sponsored post, by the way.)




Det er efterhånden et stykke tid siden at jeg læste om dette års konkurrence i at tage det bedste træfoto;  en konkurrence som har deadline i dag. Forrige år vandt den talentfulde Jonna Jinton,  som i øvrigt er med-dommer  i år. Og da jeg så læste på Jonnas hjemmeside om konkurrencen, tænkte jeg at i år ville jeg være med.

Jeg skal ærligt indrømme at Jonna er én af mine store inspirationskilder, hvad gælder fotograferingens kunst. Det gælder også for naturfotoets alfader, Ansel Adams, fine art fotografen Jonathan Critchley,  danske Kirsten Klein og amerikanske Joyce Tennyson.  Sidstnævnte var jeg heldig nok til at se en udstilling med på Fotografiska for et år eller to siden.🙂

Men hvilket foto skulle være mit bidrag?
Nu var det jo sådan at vi tilbage i – var det maj – rejste en tur til Finland.
Og én af dagene fik jeg lyst til at gå på opdagelse i skoven omkring hytten med mit kamera.
Der var det smukkeste lys, der blev siet igennem nåletræerne og faldt som et slør over det grønne landskab.

Da jeg nåede til ned til vejen, som slingrer sig forbi den skjulte indkørsel til hytten, så jeg en lille vold, hvor nogle små træer stod. Med de ældre, høje træer i baggrunden, som vagtsomme bedsteforældre. På volden mellem de små væsner var en sten. En plads til mig, tænkte jeg. Jeg fik lyst til, på trods af en monster-hær af myg, at sætte mit kamera og stativ op. Lege lidt med det hele. (Af erfaring har det vist sig at det bedste resultat sker når det er en legende og ikke for alvorlig, præstations-præget proces.)
Snart var der en hær af myg efter mig, hvorfor jeg ikke tænkte så meget men bare trykkede på fjernbetjeningen ind imellem jeg forsøgte at afværge mygge-angreb.
Det var midt i et sådant mygge angreb, at ovenstående foto, mere eller mindre “tilfældigt” opstod.

Bagefter, da jeg kom hjem og tjekkede resultatet, så jeg til min overraskelse at det på ét af billederne så ud til at træerne holdt mig oppe. I balance. Og ikke nok med det, indså jeg, alting hjalp mig; træerne, stenen, lyset, myggene…
Alt er vi del af samme store, vidunderlige netværk. Samme balance.

Og så lidt om efter-arbejdet. Processen, denne gang, var faktisk sjov! Det har aldrig rigtig tiltalt mig at sidde længe ved pc’en for efter-redigering men denne gang gjorde det mig intet – og eftersom jeg blev ganske tilfreds med resultatet var det win-win. En del af min modstand mod at sidde og redigere har været grundet i mangel på tekniske færdigheder med eks. Photoshop, en anden ovenfornævnte præstationspres frem for glæde og leg.

Men jeg er blevet hjulpet så meget – i hele redigerings-processen også – så jeg bliver nødt til lige at nævne det og sende min taknemmelighed ud.
Jeg har:

1. fået lov at låne min svogers Creative Cloud-konto🙏 (Tusinde tak, Johan!) og har dermed adgang til Photoshop og

2. modtaget, for ikke længe siden, et foto-magasin (som jeg får gratis) med redigering-vejledning til Photoshop, og til netop den retning jeg ville. Og

3. jeg er nået frem til at mit hjem indenfor fotografiet er i naturfotoet/landskabsfotoet, hvor linjen mellem drøm og virkelighed er udvisket.
Som en slags drømmelandskabsportrætter fra en fælles drøm.

Livet er i sandhed magiskt!

It was a while ago that I read about Sweden’s Best Tree Photographer 2016; a competition that ends today. Last year, the talented Jonna Jinton won (whom by the way is a jury member this year). So when I read on her blog about the competition, I thought that this year I’d participate.

Honestly, Jonna is one of my big inspirations when it comes to photography, and ladscape and nature photography in particular. But the same goes for the alfather of nature photography, Ansel Adams,  the fine art photographer Jonathan Critchley, Danish magical realist Kirsten Klein and American Joyce Tennyson. The latter I was lucky enough to see an exhibition with at Footografiska a year or two back.🙂

But what photograph would be my contribution?
Well, back in May we went to Finland, my little family and I. And one of the first summer days there, I felt like taking a walk in the forest, exploring the area around the cabin along with my camera. There was the most beautiful light, like a veil, sifting through the pines and settling upon the forest floor. 

As I reached the main road, my eye was attracted to a little hill with low, new trees and a flat rock placed amongst them. A perfect place for me, I thought and felt an inclination – in spite of the armies of mosquitoes present in the forest as well – to set up my camera and tripod there. To play around a little. ( By experience I’ve learnt that play instead of performance always gives a better result + is so much more fun.)
Soon enough I had a swarm of mosquitoes around me, and whilst trying to fend them off, I clicked away on my remote. And then, in the middle of one of those mosquito attacks, the picture above happened.

Afterwards, when I came home and checked the result, I was suprised to see that it looked like the trees, by the palms of my hands, were holding me up. In balance.
I realized that everything; the trees, the mosquitoes, the rock, the light… Everything was helping me.
And everthing, myself included, was part of one large network, one balance, which at all times is affecting one another.

Okay – now some words on the post-processing. Normally, I despise sitting in front of the computer, editing. But this time I actually enjoyed it. Part of this resistance rests with my lack of technical abilities with Photoshop but perhaps mostly because photography has been such a perfomance-oriented thing for me. Till now.🙂

And I want to mention too, how much help I’ve had, actually. In the post-processing as well as in everything else. I have:

1. been lucky enough to borrow my brother-in-law’s Creative Cloud account, which has given me access to Photoshop.🙂 And

2. received – not so long ago – a photo magazine that had editing-tips in exactly the direction that I wanted (and needed). (!)

3. realized that my home witin photography is nature/landscapephotography combined with a fine-art-black-and-white-sort-of-feel where the line between dream and reality is blurred. Dreamscapes from a collective dream, perhaps.

Life is full of magic!

5 Drømme for August

Forrige uge publicerede jeg et indlæg om fem job-drømme for august og nu tænkte jeg at gøre det samme for mit privatliv. Så udover tid sammen med min mand, søn og vores hund, så har jeg endnu et par ønsker:

  • At give mig selv en tur i hjemmespa; med pedicure, hårfjerning og en ansigtsmaske. Måske tilføjet en tur i badekarret, lidt godt spa-musik og et par stearinlys.
  • Bestille tid ved frisør til klipning.
  • I biografen og se “The Man Who Knew Infinity”.
  • Tante T i København med baby Arthur, Ninos og min veninde Kirstine.
  • På middelhavskrydstogt krydstogt – yea!

Hvis I har lyst til at dele, vil jeg gerne høre jeres drømme for august?

Last week I published a post with five job-dreams for August so I thought I’d share five dreams for my personal life too. So apart from spending time with my husband, son and our dog I have a couple of additional wishes:

  • To treat myself with a visit to the home spa. My feet are in dire need of a little affection so I’ll start with a pedicure, do some hair removal and apply a face mask. Perhaps I”ll add a bath along with some lovely spa-music and a few candles.
  • Book an appoinment at the hairdresser.
  • Go to the movies and watch “The Man Who Knew Infinity“.
  • Visit Tante T in Copehagen with Arthur, Ninos and my friend Kirstine.
  • On a Mediterranean cruise – yea!

If you’d like to share, I’d love to hear about your wishes for August?